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    Our Studio

    Our studio is an urban sanctuary, a relaxing refuge, filled with elegant simplicity, natural tones and splashes of inspiring teal on a foundation of bamboo flooring.

    As you step through the door, your body and mind naturally reset and re-centre, inspired by the harmonious blend of luxurious simplicity, creating a mind body studio with a difference.

    Our studio is the home of Soul Vida’s signature workouts and meditation, yoga, barre, wellness escapes and so much more.

    As you train your body, the mind quietens and life naturally seems more peaceful.

    Clients and students just turn up all props, mats, belts blankets, including exclusive Meditation deck chairs that transform your experience of meditation and stress-free living.


    Soul Vida Studio Etiquette

    To preserve the Soul Sanctuary we offer, we have a few simple requests.

    • Ego Free Zone. Please leave your ego at the Door.
    • Mobile Free Zone. Please turn off your devices.
    • The present moment is a GIFT. Be here Now.
    • Kindness is the way. Be Kind to yourself and others.
    • Be Positive. Good Vibes are contagious. Your energy impacts others.
    • Be Yourself. It’s the only Self to be.
    • Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.
    • Respect yourself and others. It’s Important.
    • What you do on the mat, you take with you in life. Be Great.
    • You are the Guru you seek. Look Within.

    In this Space

    • We Workout. Meditate and Love Life.
    • We don’t just train bodies. We change lives.
    • We respect tradition and innovation in equal measure.
    • We are inspired to make a positive difference in the world.
    • We cherish the time you spend with us. We believe in You.
    • We believe Life is a journey, a creative process. Create a masterpiece.
    • We believe that together we are stronger.
    • We believe in community.
    • We are inspired by each other.
    • We celebrate our differences.
    • We embrace our humanity.
    • We choose Respect. Honour. Truth. Kindness and Freedom to be all we can be.
    • We believe that Soul is the greatness within.
    • We believe love makes the world go round.
    • We believe we can Change, Inspire and Heal the world- One Workout at a time.
    • In this space we CHOOSE LOVE.

    Rent our Space

    Our light filled studio is perfect for private events, workshops, trainings, lectures and corporate events.