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    Workout. Meditate. Love Life.

    Our Brand. Our Philosophy.

    ‘We don’t just train bodies. We change lives™’.

    Soul Vida is a fitness and lifestyle brand, passionate about making the world
    a healthy, fit and stress free place.

    We understand the world’s need for stress free pursuits, fitness rituals for the time poor and the importance of staying positive and empowered in a hectic world.

    We’ve designed fresh and invigorating fitness experiences that deliver fitness for the body, freedom for your mind and medicine for the soul. Our Fitness and Lifestyle Studio is an urban sanctuary offering a range of signature fitness classes, meditation, teacher trainings, corporate wellbeing services and wellness escapes to help you rejuvenate, recharge and rebalance in an ever changing world.

    The Soul Vida™ Fitness Philosophy brings together the wisdom of ancient movement arts with the contemporary fitness styles of the west.

    ( Our mission is changing lives, one workout at a time. )

    Our Method

    Train the Body. Free your Mind.

    The Soul Vida Workout Method is a unique fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts inspired workouts developed by Makita Gabriel.

    Soul Vida™ has taken the best elements of yoga, pilates and martial arts and combined them with the core strengthening stability of low impact exercise to create a body transforming workout that delivers Instant Calm and Whole Body Fitness FAST.

    Soul Vida Workouts focus on whole body movement delivering cardio, endurance, strength flexibility and peace of mind.

    Soul Vida was inspired by Makita’s passion for holistic fitness, rejuvenation and body mind medicine.

    Physical fitness of course plays a big part in it, but what makes Soul Vida so unique is the dedication to overall wellbeing—here, decreasing stress is as important as body sculpting, cardio and strength.

    Soul Vida is a refreshing and soothing mind-body class that melts away stress.

    The result is a workout that loves you back. Find your Perfect Fit.

    The Workout

    Intelligent by Design

    We believe that exercise is medicine, and that our health is our greatest wealth.

    We’re excited to offer you a Fitness Ritual that is 100% natural in every way, in fact we’ve spent the last decade, perfecting our formula!

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    The Science

    Change the Body. Change the Mind.

    Soul Vida workouts provide a new bench mark in SMART workouts.

    The Soul Vida Workout Method has been developed from first core principles delivering a series of pre-choreographed’ smart workouts, that exercise the Whole Body.

    Four Foundations for Whole Body Fitness

    EACH WORKOUT Delivers 4 levels of Fitness:

    • Physical – Whole Body muscle conditioning and body balance
    • Emotional – Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
    • Mental – Mental Calm, Clarity and Focus
    • Spiritual – Inner Peace and Meditation

    Five Core Principles

    Each workout delivers cardio, strength, core, flexibility and meditation in one easy to follow workout.

    Cross-Training Re-invented

    Soul Vida’s unique “cross- training” moves rewire the brain, integrating the right and left side of the brain while synergistically working the muscles of the body.

    The result is a FIT BODY and a Fit SOUL

    Hard-Wired With Meditation

    Each Soul Vida exercise is hardwired with meditation and positive psychology making your workout ‘smarter’ not harder.

    Inside-Out Approach

    Soul Vida works on an Inside Out Approach to fitness:

    • The warm up prepares the body for detoxification by dissolving muscle tension and stress.
    • The breath synchronised movements support body balance, strength and co-ordination, while promoting stress reduction.
    • Each workout finishes with a lying down meditation, promoting emotional resilience, mental calm and ‘whole body integration’.

    Soul Vida delivers unshakable body mind fitness and rejuvenation by promoting body mind balance, energy flow and breath awareness.


    Our Founder

    Makita Gabriel is the creator of The Soul Vida™ Workout Method and the Founder and Director of Soul Vida Fit Pty Ltd, a wellness company passionate about making the world a healthy, fit and stress free place.

    Makita is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Author and Body Mind Fitness Expert, with over 28 years’ experience teaching in a multi-disciplinary environment. The Soul Vida Workout Method is a unique fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts inspired signature workouts that deliver the best of both worlds, exercise and meditation.

    Makita is the author of Soul Vida™ – Body Breath and Soul, the ultimate guide to The Soul Vida™ Workout Method, a wonderful inspiring and in-depth look at the ground breaking workout style meditations, that are transforming the world of fitness, health and wellbeing.

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